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    • 09:27
    • 17 Nov

    Germany's next coalition struggles as Covid resurges

    Hospitals will reach capacity in the first two weeks of December
    • 15:22
    • 16 Nov

    Covid: Sebastiani (CNR), in Europe rapidly changing trends

    Cases decrease in Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia
    • 15:20
    • 16 Nov

    Lukashenko says wants to avoid 'confrontation'

    In migrant standoff on Poland-Belarus border
    • 15:20
    • 16 Nov

    German regulator suspends Nord Stream 2 approval process

    Pipeline runs between Russia and Germany
    • 15:18
    • 16 Nov

    Poland: European MPs ask not to approve recovery money

    Until rule of law standards are met, letter reads
    • 12:42
    • 16 Nov

    Top EU court condemns Hungary's 'Stop Soros' NGO law

    Criminalising assistance to asylum seekers against the EU laws
    • 12:41
    • 16 Nov

    Polish police say officer seriously injured in border clash

    Police fired tear gas against stone-throwing migrants
    • 18:01
    • 15 Nov

    Poland to start building border wall in December

    It will cost an estimated 353 million euros
    • 17:59
    • 15 Nov

    Italy's Minister, over Prosek, ready to appeal to EU Court

    'If Commission gives the green light to Croatian name.'
    • 14:26
    • 15 Nov

    Covid: in Austria lockdown for unvaccinated starting today

    They are allowed to leave home for working or buying food
    • 12:55
    • 15 Nov

    Ukraine: NATO chief warns Russia against aggressive actions

    Moscow's forces spotted at border in recent weeks
    • 12:53
    • 15 Nov

    Large group of migrants gathers at Poland-Belarus border

    In front of lines of Polish police and soldiers
    • 12:22
    • 15 Nov

    Belarus: EU broadens scope for sanctions

    To tackle hybrid attacks, instrumentalisation of migrants
    • 12:19
    • 15 Nov

    Hungary: Orban confirmed at helm of ruling Fidesz party

    PM announces new bonuses to pensioners and subsidies
    • 10:34
    • 15 Nov

    Lukashenko, Belarus does not want 'conflict' on its border

    Due to migrant crisis on its border with Poland
    • 10:07
    • 15 Nov

    Bulgaria anti-graft party surprise leaders as votes counted

    Three-time premier Boyko Borisov's GERB at 23 percent