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    • 19:36
    • 22 Oct

    EU chief says no funds for 'barbed wire, walls' on borders

    Despite demands from a string of countries
    • 14:32
    • 22 Oct

    Merkel gets standing ovation in final EU summit

    After 16 years as the bloc's most influential leader.
    • 13:03
    • 22 Oct

    Italy's President, Gorizia-Nova-Gorica chose union

    Slovenian President, meeting of hope in a better, shared future
    • 17:51
    • 21 Oct

    Polish PM 'ready for dialogue' but rejects EU 'blackmail'

    Warsaw, EU is overreaching in its influence
    • 11:59
    • 21 Oct

    Latvia goes back into lockdown as Covid rate spikes

    Only around half the population is fully vaccinated
    • 15:25
    • 20 Oct

    Poland: Italy's PM, steadfast support for the Commission

    It is reacting firmly to national court rulings on the primacy
    • 11:41
    • 20 Oct

    Covid: Slovenia, more than 2,000 new infections recorded

    Nine-month high, around 14,000 active cases
    • 19:42
    • 19 Oct

    Poland: Hungary, EU to respect sovereignty of member states

    No institution has the right to expand its power beyond treaties
    • 10:50
    • 19 Oct

    Brussels 'will not allow' Poland to put EU values 'at risk'

    Mateusz Morawiecki also addressed the chamber
    • 15:09
    • 18 Oct

    Polish PM warns EU leaders of threat to bloc's future

    But Poland would remain a "loyal member"
    • 15:07
    • 18 Oct

    Italian police use water cannon on port protesters

    Following a three-day demonstration against Covid pass
    • 18:56
    • 17 Oct

    Local elections in Kosovo and North Macedonia

    Polling stations open in both countries from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    • 17:28
    • 15 Oct

    Germany parties agree initial deal for next government

    The agreement will form the basis of formal coalition
    • 12:04
    • 15 Oct

    Protests and blockades greet new Italy Covid rules

    Hundreds at the port of Trieste, a major hub in the northeast
    • 16:03
    • 13 Oct

    Poland plans 353-million-euro wall on Belarus border

    Draft law due to be debated in parliament
    • 16:00
    • 13 Oct

    Energy: CEE countries and France supporting nuclear power

    Media, letter to Commission on energy and climate neutrality