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Covid: Sebastiani (CNR), in Europe rapidly changing trends

Cases decrease in Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia

16 November, 15:33
(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 16 - The situation of the Covid epidemic in Europe is changing: in some countries, cases tend to decline, and in some others, they tend to increase. Moreover, there is growth with fluctuations in Great Britain. This heterogeneous scenario emerges from a survey conducted by mathematician Giovanni Sebastiani from the Institute for Applications of Computation 'M. Picone' at the National Research Council (CNR).

"The situation in Europe is currently heterogeneous - the expert underlined - and shows rapidly changing trends," with Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland growing linearly.

Cases in Belarus and Bosnia, on the contrary, have recently begun to decline. Likewise, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Serbia, Luxembourg, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, and Turkey record a downward trend.

Meanwhile, growth is slowing down in the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Macedonia, Slovakia, Poland, and Switzerland.

Italy also belongs to the latter group of countries. According to Sebastiani's data, Montenegro is fluctuating at a high level.

Slovenia is in an initial phase of growth slowdown following acceleration, and Sweden is stable. The UK is growing after reaching a record low incidence in the last four months for the third time. However, on a large scale, incidence, on average, is increasing. (ANSA).

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