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Third of Italian beach and lake waters contaminated-report

Italy still 'chronic invalid' for water pollution -Goletta Verde

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 12 - Almost a third of the waters at Italian seaside and lakeside resorts are over the legal limits for contamination, according to the latest survey by the Goletta Verde project.
    The survey said that 32% of coastal and lake waters is over the legal limit for pollutants.
    The third of the water samples taken from 18 regional coasts and 37 Italian lakes were found to be "polluted or strongly polluted".
    Goletta Verde said 55% of critical points "are concentrated at the mouths of rivers, canals and streams, featuring poor purification and illegal discharges".
    The report said "Italy remains a chronic invalid in terms of water pollution".
    Some 387 samples were subjected to microbiological analysis, and 124 were found to be over the legal thresholds for the concentration of intestinal and other bugs such as intestinal enterococchi and escherichia coli. (ANSA).


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