Cops shut 17 tourist facilities for failing COVID norms

300 violations of rules,half for hygienic meal prep shortcomings

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 16 - Italy's NAS health police have shuttered 17 tourist facilities across the country after a nationwide sweep to see if they were complying with COVID rules on the Ferragosto mid-August Feast of the Assumption Holiday, sources said Monday.
    The NAS found 301 criminal and administrative violations, half of them regarding a failure to meet health and hygiene standards in the preparation of meals, the sources said.
    The sweep was also aimed at detecting the regularity of the use of COVID Green Pass health passports by the users of the structures.
    Acting in conjunction with the health ministry, the NAS inspected hundreds of campsites and tourist villages a s well as agriturismi across Italy.
    They issued fines worth a total of 150,000 euros.
    The checks involved some 724 facilities, of which 202 presented violations.
    The health police found that many facilities had failed to implement anti-COVID measures like the use of face masks and gel dispensers, disinfection procedures, and social distancing.


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