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Italian enterprise JAS develops new way to enjoy cocktails

Ready-to-drink kegs provide authentic bar experience anywhere

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 29 - For a nation not known as big boozers, Italy has a fine tradition when it comes to conjuring up alcoholic drinks.
    Campari, Martini, Prosecco, Limoncello, Amaretto and Chianti are just some examples.
    JAS, a young Rome-based enterprise, is continuing this tradition with an innovative way to enjoy cocktails.
    A cool drink mixed by a skilled bartender is one of life's pleasures, especially on a hot summer evening.
    But it is not always possible, or affordable, to have a barman at hand to prepare the perfect cocktail.
    So JAS, which stands for Juicy and Sparkling, has prepared a range of ready-to-drink cocktails that make it possible to have this authentic experience pretty much anywhere - at a house party, at a barbecue, on a boat.
    The cocktails come in kegs, which you have to cool in a fridge and, when it's party time, pop the tap on top, put in an ice bag and start pouring.
    A three-litre keg, enough for 20 cocktails, comes in at just under 50 euros (46-48 euros).
    At under 2.50 euros a drink, this is good in terms of value for money.
    But that is only one of the range's virtues.
    Founders Gianluca Sanzi, a chemist and entrepreneur, and top barman Pino Mondello have chosen distinctive cocktails that give people the chance to explore new flavours.
    The ingredients are organic, with juices from fruit varieties that are cultivated by small-holder farmers and are at risk because they are drifting out of use.
    So the aim is to help maintain biodiversity while supporting traditional farmers and their communities The JAS Tintoretto, for example, is made with organic pomegranate from the Salento area of southern Italy.
    The Puccini is based on organic Tardivo di Ciaculli mandarins and the Hugo, an aperitif from the province of Bolzano, uses wild elder flower syrup.
    "Our philosophy is simple," said Mondello.
    "The recipes must have a label that is as short as possible, with only organic or wild ingredients.
    "We don't add sugars or preservatives; we don't use additives, aromas or colourants".
    A sign of how committed Sanzi and Mondello are to the authenticity of the ingredients is given by the fact they have stopped producing their Melampo mix this year because the Brenta Dolomites raspberries it features are now out of season.
    JAS have two new cocktails, the Bellini and the Rossini with peaches and strawberries respectively, in the pipeline.
    The enterprise is teaming up with Rome's famous Alexanderplatz jazz club (JAS meets jazz) with a stand that is opening in the Colosseum area on August 2 as part of the Italian capital's Estate Romana summer festival.
    Sanzi and Mondello have opted for a range of sparkling cocktails with a relatively low alcoholic content - the idea is for people to enjoy the flavours and have a good time, not get smashed.
    "We are satisfied with the job we've done and we are convinced that every taste will show the commitment and care we put into the preparation and the selection of the ingredients," Sanzi concluded. (ANSA).


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