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Loren's seamstress, 84, jailed for stabbing husband

Prison guarantor says alternative ready for 'Loretta'

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 16 - A former cinema dressmaker who acted as seamstress for Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni and Alberto Sordi was jailed in Rome last week after stabbing her husband at the age of 84.
    The woman, whose first name was given as Loretta, was placed in the infirmary at Rebibbia Prison, said Lazio inmate guarantor Gabriella Stramaccioni.
    Stramaccioni has criticised the decision to send someone of that age to jail.
    "She was taken away in her pyjamas without the possibility of bringing anything with her, not even her false teeth," she said.
    "At such a dramatic time for prison overcrowding, how can you think of jailing such an elderly woman? "Perhaps there weren't alternatives in that moment, but alternatives must be thought of and constructed".
    Stramaccioni said she had found Loretta a place in a hoime run by Catholic nuns and hoped to get her booked in there later Tuesday. (ANSA).


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