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Four-year-old OK after being abducted by dad

Man had barricaded himself inside his home with the child

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 6 - A four-year-old boy is well after Carabinieri police on Thursday successfully negotiated a peaceful outcome after his father abducted him and barricaded himself inside his home in Roncadelle, near Brescia.
    The man, who is from Eastern Europe and is separated from the boy's mother, had allegedly stripped the child from the arms of a social worker in the nearby town of Rodengo Saiano on Wednesday, then took him home and locked them both in.
    There were reports that the man threatened the social worker with a gun, possibly a fake one, following a decision to give custody of the child to the mother.
    The father opened up to the Carabinieri after a long telephone conversation with his lawyer.
    "The issue has been resolved," said Brescia Prosecutor Francesco Prete at the scene.
    "The child is well and the father regrets what he did.
    "Technically it is a kidnapping and he will be arrested".


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