5 get 30 yrs in murder of tobacconist

Manuel Bacco shot dead in Asti in December 2014

(ANSA) - ASTI, JUN 22 - All five defendants in the December 2014 murder of Asti tobacconist Manuel Bacco saw their 30-year jail terms upheld Tuesday by an appeals court in Turin.
    The penalty was the same as the first-instance trial two years ago.
    Those sentenced to 30 years again are: Antonio Guastalegname, 52, a businessman from Castello di Annone (Asti), originally from Vibo Marina; Domenico Guastalegname, 27, from Vibo Marina; Giuseppe Antonio Piccolo, 29, from Nicotera (Vibo Valentia); Fabio Fernicola, 42, from Asti; and Jacopo Chiesi, 27, a pizzaiolo from Castello d'Annone, convicted of being the shooter. (ANSA).


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