Orange heat alert in 10 cities Sunday, red in Brescia

Prevent heat stroke as in COVID crisis says health min

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 18 - There will be an orange alert for extreme heat in 10 Italian cities on Sunday and a red one for very extreme heat in Brescia, the health ministry said Friday.
    Already on Saturday six cities will have an orange alert, the ministry said.
    The orange alert on Saturday and Sunday will be in Bologna, Bolzano, Florence, Perugia and Turin.
    On Sunday they will be joined by Ancona, Campobasso, Palermo, Rieti, Rome and Verona.
    Brescia is orange today and tomorrow and red on Sunday.
    Italy has been hit by a heatwave pushing temperatures up to the mid and high 30s, highest in the north right now.
    Forecasters say the mercury will edge close to 40 degrees on Sunday.
    The ministry called for prevention, especially for the elderly and those most vulnerable to heat stroke, as in the COVID crisis. (ANSA).


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