All Azzurri agst racism, even those who didn't take knee

Not joining in BLM protest doesn't mean ignoring racism fight

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 22 - The Italy team spokesman Paolo Corbi said Tuesday that all the Azzurri were against racism, even the majority of the team who didn't take the knee before Sunday's 1-0 win over Wales at the Euros.
    "On behalf of the all the team we reiterate that we are against all forms of racism, we discussed this and obviously we want to reaffirm this position," said Corbi.
    "Joining in or not joining in a form of protest, however symbolic, doesn't mean ignoring the fight against racism".
    Five of the 11 Azzurri - Emerson Palmieri, Andrea Belotti, Rafael Toloi, goalscorer Matteo Pessina and Federico Bernardeschi - took the knee in the Black LIves Matter gesture ahead of the Wales match. (ANSA).


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