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NetWitness Launches White Hat Wednesdays Conversation Series

Cybersecurity experts regularly convene to discuss newest threats plaguing the cybersecurity industry and provide insight on how to mitigate them

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To register, visit the White Hat Wednesdays link here.

  • Wednesday, October 19 at 11:30am ET
  • Wednesday, November 16 at 11:30am ET
  • More dates to be announced


NetWitness will be launching White Hat Wednesdays, a series of discussions exploring the latest cybersecurity threats enterprises face today, with the first session kicking off on October 19. Cybersecurity experts will share their personal experience regarding the evolution of today’s attacks and the steps incident response teams are taking to detect, mitigate, assess, and remedy these situations.

The first topic will focus on threats to the financial industry and FIN13, a threat actor that targets this vertical. The discussion will include how these types of groups operate as well as what an attack on financial technology looks like.


The following spokespeople and executives will be leading the discussions:

  • Stefano Maccaglia, Practice Manager, NetWitness Incident Response
  • Will Gragido, Head of Threat Research Intelligence Content; Director of Product Management, NetWitness

About NetWitness

NetWitness provides comprehensive and highly scalable threat detection and response capabilities, including managed detection and incident response services, for organizations around the world. NetWitness Platform XDR delivers complete visibility combined with applied threat intelligence and user behavior analytics to detect, prioritize, investigate threats, and automate response. This empowers security analysts to be more efficient and stay ahead of business-impacting threats. For more information, visit

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COMUNICATO STAMPA - Responsabilità editoriale di Business Wire

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