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Ukraine: Vatican collects thermal vests to take to Kyiv

To be sent to cold Ukrainians within a month says papal almoner

(ANSA) - ROME, DEC 5 - The Vatican has collected a large amount of thermal vests to take to Kyiv and help Ukrainians hit by Russian missile strike linked power cuts keep warm this winter, Vatican Almoner Cardinal Konrad Krajewski said Monday.
    "The Ukrainian people are experiencing an emergency linked, in addition to the war, also to the lack of electricity, gas, and very harsh cold of winter. We can help them this Christmas with the gift of thermal vests, suitable for maintaining body temperature, for a man, a woman or a child", he said.
    The Office of Papal Charities, the almoner said, "is already .
    getting fresh supplies.
    "Those who wish can join this initiative buying and carrying/shipping the vests directly to this Dicastery within one month, in order to carry out as soon as possible the sending by truck to Kiev," he added in a statement.
    Millions of fresh Ukrainian refugees are expected to leave the country amid the freezing conditions as they get worse as missile strikes continue unabated in the coming months. (ANSA).


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