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Rome council cabinet chief quits after row with PD candidate

Both men resign after death-threat dinner at Frosinone

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 19 - Rome city council cabinet chief Albino Ruberti on Friday quit his post as chief assistant to centre-left Democratic Party (PD) Mayor Roberto Gualtieri after a video was posted of a violent row at a dinner in Frosinone south of Rome where he threatens the brother of former PD MEP and Lower House general election candidate Francsco De Angelis.
    In the video, published by newspaper Il Foglio, Ruberti was heard threatening to kill Vladimiro De Angelis and another of those present at the dinner, identified as "Adriano".
    "I'm going to kill them," Ruberti is heard saying after suggestions that he could be "bought".
    He said "I'm going to shoot them, I'm going to kill them", unless "they come and kneel down before me" and ask for forgiveness.
    De Angelis withdrew as Lower House candidate for the PD amid the row over the video.
    PD leader and ex-premier Enrico Letta said "both decisions (to quit by Ruberti and De Angelis) are right and dutiful".
    Centre-right parties said the matter had not been cleared up and called on Letta to take further action. (ANSA).


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