Funds for basic income in budget-Di Maio (3)

Labour, Industry Minister says first act to be 'dignity decree'

(ANSA) - Rome, June 14 - Labour and Industry Minister Luigi Di Maio said Thursday that the next budget law will include funding for a new 'basic income' benefit. The so-called citizenship income for job seekers is part of the new government's programme and it was a key pledge for Di Maio's 5-Star Movement (M5S) in the campaign for the March 4 general election. Di Maio told RTL radio that his first move will be to pass a "dignity decree" addressing four issues concerning the world of labour and business. This will include measures to make life easier for companies, such as the elimination of the 'spending-metre' system, a clampdown in companies who move production to outside Italy, action to prevent job insecurity and a ban on advertising for gambling. He also reiterated that the M5S-League government intends to take action to cut State pensions of over 5,000 euros a month.
    Di Maio said later he hoped the dignity decree would be launched by the first "political" cabinet meeting on Monday, "seeing as how today and tomorrow we'll still be busy with technical issues".