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Mattarella set to spend vacation at Alghero again

Will holiday in iconic Sardinian town from Wed on

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 9 - President Sergio Mattarella is set to spend his summer vacation at the northwestern Sardinian resort town of Alghero for the second year running.
    The 81-year-old head of State will leave for Sardinia on Wednesday.
    An Italian air force jet will take him to Alghero airport.
    Mattarella is once more expected to enjoy Alghero's many tourist attractions including the Grotte di Nettuno caves, the ancient Nuragic settlements and the medieval Catalan buildings.
    Alghero is best known for its beautiful beaches, very good food at reasonable prices, and also for its Catalan origin; in fact, it was known in the past as la Barceloneta sarda, little Sardinian Barcelona. This historic town is one of the most popular destinations for Sardinia's visitors.
    At its atmospheric narrow lanes you'll find numerous bars and cafés. Its restaurants are renowned for excellent seafood. The surrounding area brings many delights for those who venture out of the city. These include the famous beaches at La Pelosa - Stintino, the eerily abandoned mining town of Argentiera and the ancient palace complex at Nuraghe di Palmavera.
    Mattarella is once more expected to meet local officials including the mayor and other dignitaries. (ANSA).


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