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Lisbon: documents reveal Saramago's 'troubles' with regime

Exhibit at State archives on centenary of writer's birth

(ANSA) - LISBON, 02 AGO - An exhibit dedicated to writer José Saramago (1922-2010) was inaugurated on Tuesday, August 2, at the State Archives in Lisbon. The event is one of a series of initiatives that will culminate in November, which have marked all of 2022, the 100th anniversary of the Portuguese novelist's birth. Saramago won in 1998 the Nobel Prize in literature.
    A prerogative of this exhibit is to reveal to the public previously unknown documents from the State Archives regarding the life and work of the novelist and political activist, focusing in particular on the years during which he was "under the observation" of authorities - during the regime first of António Oliveira Salazar and then Marcelo Caetano.
    The documents include several dossiers on him opened by the political police, the PIDE/DGS, a letter to daughter Violante, imprisoned in 1973 for celebrating May 1, and papers concerning the foundation of a weekly magazine called O Diabo, or the devil, which also inspires the title of the show: "José Saramago and some documents of the Devil". The exhibit will remain open to the public until September 6. (ANSA).


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