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Taxi driver attacks CONI VP insisting on cash fare payment

Retailers able to refuse card payments up to 60 euro in budget

(ANSA) - ROME, DEC 5 - A Genoa taxi driver on Monday attacked one of the vice presidents of Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) insisting that due to upcoming budget rules only cash payment of fares was now legal.
    The VP of Italy's supreme sports body, former Italian hammer champion Silvia Sais, tried to pay a 32 euro fare for getting to the aiport with her credit card but was refused by the driver who said he was only accepting cash payments.
    "The party's over for the banks", the man allegedly told the 37-year-old former hammer throwing champion.
    "In the face of my objections he started shouting at me with arrogance that now he can do what he wants, he can finally do as he likes".
    The former Olympian added: "But I'd like to thank all the honest cabbies who get equipped with the proper credit card machines and accept all types of payment, since they're the vast majority".
    The Bank of Italy on Monday took issue with measures in the government's 2023 budget bill regarding cash payments and a so-called 'fiscal truce' with taxpayers.
    The bill raises the limit for cash payments from 2,000 euros to 5,000.
    It also enables retailers to refuse to accept card payments for amounts of up to 60 euros in order to stop them having to pay commissions on small payments that make the transactions less worthwhile to them. (ANSA).


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