Villa caretaker shoots intruder dead

Near Bologna

(ANSA) - Bologna, December 5 - The caretaker of a villa near Bologna on Thursday morning shot dead an intruder.
    The watchman, 68, fired five shots with a pistol for which he has a license, source said.
    The villa is in the countryside near Bazzano.
    He fired the shots after hearing noise outside the villa.
    The dead man was said to be aged between 20 and 25.
    He was without documents and is still being identified.
    The man was believed to have been accompanied by others who helped him break into a building.
    Bologna prosecutors said they would "try to verify the whys and wherefores of the pistol shot, on the basis of the applicability of the right to self defence law and excessive force".
    The last government boosted the right of legitimate self defence along the lines of America's stand your ground laws.


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