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Telefono Rosa chief 'indignant' at Roe v Wade cancellation

'Great regression' says writer Maraini

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 24 - The head of Italian domestic abuse action group Telefono Rosa told ANSA Friday she was indignant at the US Supreme Court's ruling overturning the historic 1973 Roe V Wade legalization of abortion in the US, saying that the controversial sentence by the conservative-dominated court will fuel anti-abortion propaganda in Italy too.
    "There is a systematic attack on women's independence, it's inconceivable to begin again battles that were won 40 years ago," said Gabriella Carnieri.
    "The mentality has got worse. They are calling into question all our freedoms, I'm indignant. There will be those who will ride this sentence in Italy, I'm certain that anti-abortion propaganda will start here too".
    Writer and feminist Dacia Maraini told ANSA: "It is a great regression on civil rights. I hope that in Italy we won't be so stupid as to follow what is happening in America. I don't think it likely to happen".

Equal Opportunities and Family Minister Elena Bonetti, of the centrist Italia Viva (IV) party, told ANSA "the abolition of Roe versus Wade will have the effect of restarting backstreet abortions and will lead to desperate and dangerous journeys for woman. It is a decision that leaves you dismayed, which injures the dignity and rights of women".

A member of the Italian pro-abortion gynecologists association, Silvana Agatone, said "clearly some people want to see the consequences of this sentence: the deaths of women from clandestine abortions and the horrible coercion to take forward unplanned pregnancies".

Italian Left (SI) leader Nicola Fratoianni said "No, Senator Pillon, you're wrong: what is coming from the US Supreme Court is not a breeze. It is a foul-smelling wind mixed with prejudices and hatred towards women's freedom. The right wants to push women and their rights back a century. They won't let you - and we won't either".



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